Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Sunday Post [62]

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly at the Caffeinated Reviewer! It's an opportunity to share news, post a recap for the previous week, showcase books, and highlight what's planned for the week ahead.


Halito! I JUST finished my holiday shopping (I know, I know), so I feel like I can finally relax and enjoy the rest of the year (as much as one can during a pandemic with a virus that's evolving and becoming more deadly). I know we're all in the same boat, but I am soooo ready for COVID to be something we talk about in the past tense. We've been struggling with whether or not to send our kid back to school since online learning just really isn't working for him (and kids NEED those social interactions, especially at this age), but now the schools are saying everyone will be 100% online for the first two weeks of the new semester (since they doubt people will follow the rules and guidelines over the holiday break). It's just A LOT. 

We're still making progress on the new house! The last of the trees came down this week, and now we're waiting for them to grind the stumps and clear the rest of the wood. Unsurprisingly, Jacob wants to keep some of the wood for future projects, but now we have to find someone for it to go. We'll have to pay someone to come out and cut it (whatever you woodworkers call slicing and dicing a tree), so it's basically a bunch giant logs that need a temporary home somewhere on the property. Our backyard is currently a giant mud pit, which makes taking the dogs out a chore, so we'll also need to put some sod down pretty soon. Oh, and have a fence installed... 

How are your holidays shaping up? Excited about them, or bummed because you can't visit family? 

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What I'm currently reading:

The Bromance Book Club (Bromance Book Club, #1) by Lyssa Kay Adams 🎧
Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow (Nevermoor, #3) by Jessica Townsend 📖
Ten Rules for Faking It by Sophie Sullivan 📱

Black Sun (Between Earth and Sky, #1) by Rebecca Roanhorse 📱
  • The Bromance Book Club is adorable and I love it. Although, I'm not really a fan of Gavin as a character. I'm more interested in the tension between Mack and Liv. Sorry, Thea! I like their story, but there's just not enough oomph for me. It's super sweet, don't get me wrong, but Thea and Gavin are sort of...boring. There. I said it. 
  • Hollowpox is everything I wanted it to be and more! Really enjoying reading this one with my kiddo.
  • I'm not very far into Ten Rules for Faking It, but I'm not hating it. ;)
  • Sorry, Amber. I AM STILL READING Black Sun
What I plan on reading next:

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins
Outlawed by Anna North

What I'm watching: 

Not too much! I watch Black Clover and Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon whenever there's a new episode (so like once a week, or once every two weeks). Jacob is still trying to get me to watch epsiodes of The Last OG and Space Force with him, but I'd rather read (don't tell him I said that). ;)

Challenge updates:
I don't think I'm going to make any of my goals this year, and I'm totally okay with that! At least I've managed to read during this garbage fire of a year. I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday week! 🎄


  1. Ah, the joys of home ownership. LOL The list seems neverending sometimes. We were just talking about replacing carpet and the living room furniture. Cha-ching! :)

  2. Even with the vaccines coming out, I think it's still going to be a long while before things are back to normal. It's scary to think about that!

  3. The whole online/in-person school debate has to be tough! I hope that things work out in 2021 for your son! Yay for finishing up holiday shopping. I loved Nevermoor, but I still need to get the last two. Glad you're enjoying the final book.


  4. I’d love Covid to be in the past, we have a new strain of the virus which has closed borders and sent us all back into lockdown. Ours start at midnight on Christmas night. It never rains but it pours.

    Have a lovely Christmas and stay safe!

  5. Hey, at least the shopping is finished before Christmas eve!! That's a win.
    I'm also so freaking tired of the pandemic that I just don't have the words or energy to handle it any more. I'm DESPERATE to talk about it in the past sense and any hope I was feeling with vaccines etc is rapidly evaporating... But I'm trying to ignore it for a bit. We're home alone for the holidays and I'm planning to pretend that the world outside doesn't exist for a week or two.

    Good luck getting the backyard sorted to make it easier with the dogs and with finding storage for the wood.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. I really feel for the kids. This situation is definitely not ideal for them. At least your son has his sisters, right? If you are liking Liv and Mack, you will be happy when you read their book.

  7. I'm excited for the holiday, even though our big family get- together is canceled (like most everyone's I know). So it will be smaller key but still nice. Gotta roll with the times huh? Just finished my shopping this weekend too. Hope you guys have a nice Christmas. :)

    The Wife Upstairs looks interesting, I just saw a review of that on another blog.

  8. The new Covid developments are scarier than ever. I hope things are better at least in 2021, but seriously it doesn't look like so. I hope the kids and yourself have a great holidays!

  9. It's hard on the kids, especially the younger ones. But at least his school is doing everything to keep them safe.

    Why am I not surprised that Jacob has plans for the wood? 😆

    Christmas will be the most low-key of affairs - just me and the hubs (we're visiting his mom in a nearby town tomorrow - my parents live only a few blocks from me). I don't care though. I only want to stay home and rest. Happy Christmas!

  10. Good luck on progress with the house! I'm still tying up loose ends in clearing my room and that's enough for me to deal with!


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