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Beware the Night by Jessika Fleck
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Author: Jessika Fleck
Pub. Date: March 12th 2019
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Genres: Fantasy, YA
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On the island of Bellona, they worship the sun. Seventeen-year-old Veda understands that keeping the sun content ensures plentiful crops, peace and harmony, and a thriving economy. But as a member of the Basso class, she never reaps those benefits.

Life as a Basso is one fraught with back-breaking work and imposing rules. Her close friendship with Nico is Veda’s one saving grace in a cruel world where the division between her people and the ruling Dogio is as wide and winding as the canals that snake through their island.

But when Veda’s grandfather is chosen as the next sacrificial offering to keep the sun’s favor, Veda is forced to see the injustice of her world. Turning away from the sun means she must join the night—and an underground revolution she’s been taught to fear all her life.


I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own. Any quotes I use are from an unpublished copy and may not reflect the finished product.

Pro: I really enjoyed the lore behind the Sun and Moon worshippers. It was unique, interesting, and  believable (for the most part). I liked the various stories and the history the author created for the world. Some of the concepts felt vaguely familiar, but not in an off-putting way.

Con: There is a love triangle. I haaated how much time and energy Veda wasted on trying to decide which boy she liked more. They're living in a very life-or-death situation, and she's too concerned with who likes who and how she feels about that. Her feelings regarding the two boys should have taken a backseat to everything else that was going on.

Pro: The character development was good, despite my issues with the love triangle (imagine what could have happened if that had been left out...). I thought they were fleshed out, and each given very specific identities. Even the world-building was detailed and conveyed an authentic new environment for the story.

Con: I went into this one thinking it was a standalone, but the ending suggests there will be another book. Honestly, this one could have been a little longer and wrapped everything up. I don't think a second book was necessary, especially if the love triangle is going to persist (which it definitely is) throughout a second book. 

Pro: It was a quick read with lovely writing. It didn't take me very long to get through this one, and it was easy to follow.

Overall, I enjoyed Beware the Night, but there were definitely a few things that made me grind my teeth. I don't have an issue with conflicted characters, because a person's feelings are complicated, but unnecessary love triangles that take up a large portion of the story really bug me. On the other hand, the character development was good, and the story was engaging.

Author Bio:

Jessika Fleck is an author, unapologetic coffee drinker, and knitter — she sincerely hopes to one day discover a way to do all three at once. Until then, she continues collecting vintage typewriters and hourglasses, dreaming of an Ireland getaway, and convincing her husband they NEED more kittens. Her YA debut, THE CASTAWAYS (Entangled TEEN), is now available. Her next YA novel, BEWARE THE NIGHT (Swoon Reads/Macmillan) releases March 12, 2019. More at

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  1. Well hopefully the next book will wrap up all the questions.

  2. Sorry the love triangle ruined this for you a bit, but I'm glad you enjoyed the character development and the lore worldbuilding.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. I tried to ignore the love triangle and pretend it wasn't happening, but the main character makes it so hard. She's constantly thinking about one of them, or trying to figure her feelings out. It detracted from the story, which was actually pretty interesting. :(

  3. This sounds like a fun read! Thanks for hosting today! :)

    1. Happy to host! There were a few things that irked me, but it was an enjoyable read overall! Thanks for having me on the tour. <3

  4. I requested this, but it's been sitting in limbo on Netgalley. I hope Hoopla gets it because I'd love to read it. 👍✨

    1. I have a lot of requests in NetGalley limbo! Haha! I hope you get to read it soon, and that you have better luck with it than I did. It was good, but love triangles really bum me out. I feel like they take the focus off the more important aspects of the story.


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