Friday, December 8, 2017

All-New Wolverine #25-27

Yes! If you need a new comic to read, please grab this one! Laura (the all-new wolverine) made an appearance in my Hawkeye comic (Kate Bishop), and I really liked her character. I know it's not guaranteed that the cameo character and the actual comic will be the same, but it at least piqued my interest enough to make me go back and get the legacy issue and the two that came after it (so now I'm up-to-date). It did not disappoint! I actually took all of J's comics away until he read these three so we could talk about them, haha. He enjoyed them, too! Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) even made an appearance.

The Orphans of X story arc just started. They are people that have lost something to mutants, so obviously their goal in life is to destroy Laura and her "family". There's a magical sword, Old Wolverine is mentioned, and the living/leftover Wolverines appear to be their only targets. I don't know why they are going after the mutants that can regenerate and are nearly impossible to kill, but I'm sure it will be interesting. Oh, and let me just say that all Wolverines have a tragic, horrible beginning.

I think this is the first comic to make me feel afraid for the characters. It's a little more gruesome than the others I'm reading. They are Wolverines, so they heal and everything, but it's still awful to see.

Also, Daken's abs have abs. I know comics exaggerate a little, but I'm not complaining. 😁


  1. Oooo! This looks fun! I love anything X-men.

    1. If you enjoy anything X-Men, there's a lot of stuff for you, lol. However, I would highly recommend this one. 😍

  2. Abs with abs? LOL

    Wolverine is one of my fave characters but I had no idea what was going on currently. I may have to try some comics.

    1. Yes! So many abs!

      If you start with these three (#25-27), you shouldn't feel too lost. It's a new story arc, so there is a decent amount of background information. This is my first Wolverine-related comic, and this is where I started. I don't feel confused at all! It's been great so far.


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