Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Giveaway: The Winter King & The Sea King by C.L. Wilson

The Winter King & The Sea King
I know I haven't had this blog for very long, but it already feels like I never left. If you've visited my blog, read a review, commented--thank you. I really mean it. It's hard to find like-minded people, and while we may not all read the same books, we still enjoy having conversations about them. 

About this Giveaway:

The Winter King by C.L. Wilson was the first book I reviewed on this blog, so I thought it would be perfect for my first giveaway. I also wanted to include the second book in the series, The Sea King, because it is being published at the end of the month. I know some people have been waiting years for a second book, so a few details might be fuzzy, which is another reason I want to give them both away. You can read the first one again, and then dive right into the second. If you haven't already read the first book, this is your chance to read them both! 

Important Information:

Please read my Giveaway Policy before entering.

The winner will be announced on November 1st (the day after The Sea King is released), on this post and in the Rafflecopter form. They will be notified by email and have 48 hours to respond. If there is no response within that time, another winner will be selected.

International entries are accepted as long as The Book Depository ships to your county.

How do you enter?

Please fill out the Rafflecopter form, and then leave a comment explaining why you do or do not dog-ear your books. That's it!

Extra Entries: (all optional and not required)

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  1. Hey,
    Thnx for ur comment on my blog! I entered ur giveaway, the books look really exciting!

    1. You didn't answer the question! 😝 "Please fill out the Rafflecopter form, and then leave a comment explaining why you do or do not dog-ear your books. That's it!"

  2. I haven't heard of this series but it sounds really good. One thing good about being behind on series is that most of the books are already published so you don't have to be tortured for the long wait for the next book. I'm finding that works really good for me lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the giveaway!

    1. I agree! I like being able to read an entire series all at once.

      (Psst! If you want to be entered into this contest, you have to "...leave a comment explaining why you do or do not dog-ear your books." I just don't want you to miss out!)

    2. To answer your question - I don't dog-ear my books. I primarily read ebooks but when do I read hardcopies I try to be very careful with them. I use post-it notes to flag certain spots and I even make sure not to go over the print (so it doesn't get ruined lol).

    3. Wow! Intense! Is there a reason you mostly read ebooks?

  3. I absolutley loved The winter king it was my favorite read last year, so this giveaway is just the one for me. Thanks!
    Well to answer your question: No I don't dog-ear, I don't even break the spine of my books if I can help it. I like to keep them flawless, my little sister is afraid to borrow my books because I scolded her once so bad for 'ruining' my book.

    1. I used to be that way! I think having children changed a lot of things for me, lol. I still take care of my books, but I'm not as gentle. I toss them into my purse, the diaper bag, and I fold down corners instead of searching for a bookmark. I fold the top corner to mark my spot, and I fold the bottom corner if I really liked something on the page.

  4. I'm really interested in these books, so thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
    I don't dog-ear at all if I can help it. I am incredibly picky about my keeps and keeping them as pristine as possible--it's honestly something I should stop worrying about so much, haha! I don't mind if I buy a book used and it's all bent up, but if I buy a book new I refuse to do anything to harm it. But regardless of the condition of a book, I never do dog-ear. I won't stop others from doing it to their own books, though. :)

    1. I've only recently started letting people borrow my books, lol. I was too terrified of how they would be returned to me, and I didn't trust anyone to take care of them the way I did. Now I see dog-eared pages and coffee stains as signs that a book is loved and read repeatedly. It's no longer an object on my shelf, but an old friend that I visit again and again. We discolor and wrinkle as time passes, so why shouldn't our books? I guess yours will last longer! 😉😝

  5. OMG! I'm soo sorry!! I thought I did! Thnx for contacting me about it!
    Lets see...do I dog-ear my books?
    I most definitely try my best not to! I try to keep my books as perfect as possible. I don't even allow anyone to borrow my books anymore. I get soo worked up and annoyed if I do. The only series that slipped through this golden rule of not dog-earing is Twilight. I read it sooo many times that it was impossible not to get it a bit ruined. Eclipse actually has a part of its cover torn off!!
    Anyway, sorry for not answering in it!

    1. Yay! I'm glad you came back!

      Hopefully, you'll be able to read all of your books as much as you've read Twilight.

  6. OMG!!! I can't believe it! I'm usually so unlucky with these giveaways!
    I'm looking forward to reading them! I'll respond to ur email shortly with my mailing address! <3

    Again, thank you for this opportunity.


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